The Problem

How we helped Sigma Fitness find it's voice again online.

Jamie from Sigma Fitness needed a new brand and new story to drive forward leads for Sigma Fitness. So he reached out to us as a local Belfast Digital Agency to create fresh content for his image and to run his lead generation through his website. 

The problem

James wasn’t happy with the way his brand was being perceived and wanted a steady stream of leads instead of ”guessing” when the next client would land in the mail box.

What we did

We created a bespoke website for Sigma Fitness from the ground up after our initial pre-production planning with Jamie to really understand what he wanted his website to do for him. We created content for James to run a Meta Ads campaign to give him a steady stream of leads to take the guessing games out of getting the next clients. 

The results

We brought James steady leads with leads coming in at £5.00 ($6.00) per lead via Meta Ads. An average cost of £0.75 ($1) per 1000 views on our Top Of Funnel touch points and James was very happy with these returns. We then got reports for James in person clients that they loved his new brand identity and this has helped Sigma Fitness to close more business. Proof attached below.



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