The Problem

How we helped Loughanmore Court take control back of their bookings from AirBnb.

Introducing our pioneering project with Loughanmore Court, a collection of lavish self-catering properties in the lush landscapes of Ireland. In an industry dominated by big names like AirBnb, Loughanmore Court courageously decided to steer their own ship, reclaiming control over their booking process. We at Aeternum Media were honoured to facilitate this journey, working intimately with them to develop a bespoke booking system. This successful venture encapsulates our shared ethos of empowerment and independence, positioning Loughanmore Court at the helm of their digital destiny. Now, they steer the customer journey from discovery to booking, ensuring a seamless experience that truly reflects the unique charm and quality of their offering.

The solution

Our solution was a harmonious blend of technical precision and creative flair. Recognising the need for an intuitive, user-friendly system, we opted for the WP Booking system. This WordPress plugin was the ideal choice, with its customisable features allowing us to create a booking experience tailored to the needs of Loughanmore Court and their clientele. Additionally, we hosted the website on Litespeed servers. Known for their high-performance capabilities, these servers ensured fast load times and optimal functionality, providing a seamless experience for users.

To complement this robust backend, we developed an aesthetic that spoke to the luxury and charm of Loughanmore Court. We created a unique logo, encapsulating their brand identity in a visually captivating and memorable manner. Concurrently, we implemented a strategic SEO approach, ensuring their site would not only look the part but reach their target audience effectively too.

The result? A comprehensive solution that empowered Loughanmore Court to regain control of their bookings while providing an enhanced user experience for their clients.

The results

Loughanmore court has seen their fees reduce dramatically while also maintaining booking frequency. Utilising stripe payment processing to achieve low card fees and Tiktok organic content to fill up their calander.