The Problem

How we helped Lake Dessie Studios revamp a worn out DIY wix site, improve their brand status and improve their booking process.

Lake Dessie done what a lot of start up businesses do to save capital and built their own website, on wix to be exact in this case. But as we all know when someone with no experience in web design tries to make a website the end user usually picks up on the amatuer vibe and it doesn’t come across professional. Lake knew this and wanted to rectify this to better position her studio in the local market, along with the fact she also wanted to start a E-commerce store for her ready-made collection

The problem

Lake Dessie Studio was losing trade to their direct competitors due to their online presence, they knew this so they got in touch with us to see if we could help get them back on the right track. Lake also needed a solution to the back and forth with clients who would end up not booking, costing her time & money. 

What we did

We started our process together with the CEO Lake getting to know her business and how she would best like to represent the business online. Working together we got to the root of the brand image, colour scheme, general tone and ideal target customer. From there we were able to build each part of her site piece by piece with Lake approving everything at each interval as she was still ”finding” what worked best as we moved forward with the work. We completed a bespoke website for Lake incorporating her E-com shop on the woocommerce platform, hosting her site on US servers, running SEO strategies to rank locally, bringing the site to life with motion effects and giving her visitors a unique experience. Lastly we incorporated a custom booking system where any potential customers picked out the pieces they would like to order and leave a deposit, cutting out lakes time wasters as our lead form captured a $200 deposit against all bookings and automated emails have been set up to notify the customer then frees up company time to focus on customer satisfaction.

The results

Lake dessie studios has increased traffic from Google since the relaunch. Customers have mentioned how easy the booking process is for them. The brand has never been healthier.