The Problem

How we helped Global Ocean Logistics revamp their entire brand image and fix a one page DIY website which didn't convert.

Ryan from Global Ocean Logistics approached us because he disliked his website and knew it needed some TLC, we examined Ryan’s website and came back to ask him… How many leads have you got from this? His answer is no surprise, zero. So we got to work.

The problem

Ryan had bootstrapped the company and DIY’ed his Logo, website, socials and so forth. He was getting traction on direct marketing but absolutely zero on his website even though he has daily active users. The website was built on GoDaddys block builder and hosted by GoDaddy which has very limited options and Ryan knew logistics not web design. The Logo has far too many colours which makes it seem cheap and nasty, low resolution also added to that decision. Ryan needed a new brand and a new website to help Global Ocean Logistics to grow.

What we did

We started our process together with the CEO Lake getting to know her business and how she would best like to represent the business online. Working together we got to the root of the brand image, colour scheme, general tone and ideal target customer. From there we were able to build each part of her site piece by piece with Lake approving everything at each interval as she was still ”finding” what worked best as we moved forward with the work. We completed a bespoke website for Lake incorporating her E-com shop on the woocommerce platform, hosting her site on US servers, running SEO strategies to rank locally, bringing the site to life with motion effects and giving her visitors a unique experience. Lastly we incorporated a custom booking system where any potential customers picked out the pieces they would like to order and leave a deposit, cutting out lakes time wasters as our lead form captured a $200 deposit against all bookings and automated emails have been set up to notify the customer then frees up company time to focus on customer satisfaction.

The results

Ryan is extremely happy with the results and already has existing clients saying about well the new branding & website is looking. We will monitor analytics on site to make sure we have engagement in the right places and a steady stream of leads on our contact page. 



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