The Problem

How we helped Bellaire attract new first time customers and solidify their brand authority as a leading figure in the hair & beauty space.

Bellaire Hair & Beauty is one of Belfast’s longest and most trusted salons, with local talented artists, celebrities, brides, models and more being some of their regular clientele. 

Bellaire has recently invested £250,000 in a refurbishment of their city centre location to implement more services for both Male & Female, which is when they employed our services to help market this new investment.

The problem

Bellaire came to Aeternum Media to elevate their website design to match their new brand voice within their physical location refurbishments. When we sat down together we then identified that digital marketing with video would help bring awareness to this huge investment Bellaire was making to their business.

What we did

Understanding the transformative power of video content, our team at Aeternum Media embarked on creating a series of professional, high-quality videos for Bellaire Beauty. We produced videos for each major social media platform – Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, to ensure a consistent brand message across channels. The videos were not just visually appealing but also conveyed Bellaire’s commitment to excellence and quality.

Simultaneously, we initiated a paid brand awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram. This multi-platform approach ensured Bellaire’s message reached a wider audience, bringing more traffic and engagement to their brand.

But we didn’t stop there. Knowing that people connect with faces more than abstract brands, we set out to personalise Bellaire Beauty for its customers. We created professional headshots for all the employees and added a unique feature to the website: a ‘meet the team’ video linked to each headshot. These videos allowed potential customers to connect with the team behind Bellaire Beauty on a personal level, adding a layer of trust and authenticity that translated to increased conversion rates.

Complementing these initiatives, we undertook a comprehensive revamp of Bellaire Beauty’s website, infusing their new brand identity into the design. We built a bespoke website that mirrored the elegance and professionalism of Bellaire Beauty. The new site was not just visually stunning, but also user-friendly and intuitive, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

By unifying all these elements, we helped Bellaire Beauty reposition itself in the beauty industry and stand out from the competition. The result was a significant increase in brand awareness, traffic, and conversions, a testament to the power of a strategic, multi-channel approach to digital marketing.


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The results

Bellaire has seen a massive uptick in new first time customers to their salon and started to attract more males to the salon to try their male services thanks to our paid ad campaign. Many client’s have mentioned how well their new website looks compared to their old one with aesthetics being a huge part of their brand identity. 



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